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We are a student recruitment company located in Toronto and partnered with 800+ schools to help students from all over the world gain admission in Canada, US, UK, and Australia. We will match your credentials to the best program suitable for your requirements that’s also in accordance with your budget and location.

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We create your student account profile, collect school application fees, and submit all required documents on your behalf to get it reviewed by our team.

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Upon acceptance by the school, we will notify you and forward you your admission package.

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Getting your Visa

If required, we have specialists who can assist you with your visa application and travel documents

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Fly to your destination

All that’s left is to book your plane ticket and start your educational journey abroad!

Services to Our Students

We provide the following services to you when you apply for admission through Education Abroad:

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We recruit students for over 800 universities and colleges, the following being a few:


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